Memorial or Family history DVD slide shows (with or without video clips) can be a very good way to remember someone or family. These can be shown at the funeral or memorial service, or just kept for personal viewing as a comforting reminder and celebration of their life or family history. They can incorporate photos of their childhood, family, talents, hobbies, achievements, be funny or serious, they can be set to music, or just played in silence. Music set to photographs is simply beautiful and very memorable.

These DVD's can be kept for generations to come

We work from photo prints or you can send via E mail or even better - place pics on CD or Flash disk and your favourite music

POST to us and we will do the rest.


Up to 40 Print Photos  Send these photos via post and we will process them for you.
All your photo prints are returned with your Fotodisc DVD slideshow for R800.00 plus postage.

Additional photos will cost R8.00each to add to slide show if you want more than 40

Scans of photo prints on photo paper into digital format is R10 each

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Frequently asked Slideshow questions;

Do I get my photos back?
Yes, everything you send, to create your Photo slideshow is returned to you, for only R48.00 Postage and packing by Return post. (Parcel postage may vary for large or bulk orders and overseas postage delivery.)

How long will the slideshow be?
Plan on an average time of 7 seconds per photo, with a 1 or 2 second transition on either end, about 9 or 10 pictures a minute, this is an acceptable pace. Ultimately, the length of the total slideshow is up to you and depends on your needs.

How long will it take you to complete my slideshow?
This depends upon how busy we are at the time, the type of services you require and the complexity of the project. photo slideshows can often be created within 1 week of receiving your materials. Generally, the faster that you can provide us with all of the materials, will reduce completion time.

Do I have to use your scanning services or can I send my own scanned images or ones which I've taken with my digital camera?
You can send your own scanned images.

May I email the photos to you?
Yes, but processing will not begin until payment has been received. Make sure all pictures are not bigger thaN 200K and send 10 at a time so it is not blocked by some servers

Is it safe to send you my photos and memory cards
Yes! all your materials will be returned, packed safely using every precaution.

Are your Fotodiscs compatible with my DVD player?
Fotodiscs DVDs are compatible with all DVD players.

What if my slideshow doesn't play?
If your slideshow does not play we will do everything we can to give you a solution that will work. If no solution can be reached, we will refund The cost of your Fotodisc.

Can I order additional copies of my Fotodisc slideshow?
Yes. At the time of purchase you can order additional copies of the slideshow. products are kept on file for three months to enable you to re-order.

What about your photo retouching service?
Fotodiscs4u will do some photo retouching of your images to enhance the Fotodisc Slideshow experience. This will include photo editing, colour correction, cropping photo, straightening, and enhancing the detail and lighting. This will be done as part of the service to ensure that your Fotodisc Slideshow is a truly magical experience.

How do I select music?
You should use music that is meaningful to you and fit the mood of the photos. You can provide your songs to us on CD.

Who owns the copyrights to my finished slideshow?
You do!

How do I send in my photos and music?
It is up to the customer to package everything very carefully and mail it to us. We will send you back your completed Fotodisc DVD photo slideshow along with everything you sent to us for only R45.00 Postage and packing by Return post. (Parcel postage may vary for large or bulk orders and overseas postage delivery.)

What can I put in a slideshow?
Any combination of pictures, can be used along with any other types of paper media that can be digitised with our equipment. This would include items such as announcements, newspaper articles, brochures, flyers, ticket stubs, cards and letters, licenses or just about anything you can imagine. Remember that the images on the Fotodisc image slideshow can all have captions of your choosing.

How do I Pay for my slideshow?

Please provide your email address for confirmation of receipt of your photographs, we will then invoice you by email for payment by EFT (Bank to bank transfer only.

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Celebration of your life DVD slide show

I lead - others follow!




Take a whole lot of photographs and music, some moving, fading in and out and put them on a DVD and you have something very special.


We are all individuals. show a reflection of a person's life - their loves, their achievements and the things that made them who they were. A celebration of their life to be shown for generations to come. A family momento and can be shown at a funeral service.

NOTE: Get your DVD LIFE slide done now as well while you are able to direct what you want in it and leave it with your will or do it just for a visual family record for your grand children.

Celebration of your life DVD slide show to music
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